The Center for Energy Transition conducts and transfers interdisciplinary research that allows society to advance an energy transition towards economical, environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and reliable energy demand and supply. 


Clean Fuels

We seek to promote the development of the clean fuels value chain to reduce the environmental and climate impact of the industrial, transportation, electricity generation, and thermal sectors. The Center for Energy Transition addresses the challenges associated with the production and use of green hydrogen and its derivatives, and alternative uses of biomass, including technical, economic and regulatory barriers.

Sustainable and resilient energy supply​

The center seeks to contribute to the development of systems for diagnosing and monitoring sustainability and resilience in energy supply systems, tools for their planning and operation, and the design of markets and regulation, which allow the necessary investments to be made and ensure their sustainability. The role of storage is key in the massive integration of variable renewable energies.

Sustainable Industry 4.0​

The development of a sustainable Industry 4.0 in Chile is promoted through the evaluation, development and implementation of new technologies that allow a better use of available resources. It addresses energy efficiency, clean fuels, the integration of renewable energy, the electrification of demands, the capture and sequestration of CO2 and industrial clustering, with a focus on the mining and construction industries.​

Sustainable energy in cities and communities​

Solutions are proposed to face the gaps associated with the integration of local energy resources, and the efficient use of energy and water in cities and communities. This includes the design of hardware for the integration of local resources, the development of models for the efficient design and operation of local energy systems, and the design of markets and regulations that favor their efficient development.​


Our members carry out cutting-edge research in the field of energy and sustainable development, which is published in some of the best international scientific journals. See our recent publications.


We carry out technical assistance and development and technology transfer projects for public and private institutions, adding value to the national energy industry. See our recent projects.


We train advanced human capital to lead the energy transition process, both in public and private organizations. Check out our postgraduate programs.

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