Charging points: the unresolved debt in electromobility for private cars

Electric car sales have increased. According to figures from the National Automotive Association of Chile (Anac), 6,904 units were registered in 2022, an increase of more than 100% compared to 2021, but they still represent a lower percentage of the entire automotive market in the country. According to the National Electromobility Strategy, from 2035 they will only sell electric vehicles. However, apart from the price…

Snapshot: Chile’s EV charging point rules

Chile’s energy ministry has introduced secondary legislation on electric vehicle charging point interoperability and standards. The concept of interoperability is outlined in energy efficiency law No. 21,305, which entered the statute books in 2021 and, chiefly, mandates the creation of a national energy efficiency plan. The rules fall under a wider push to help ensure owners can charge their vehicles at any point in the…

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