The innovative meeting will include debates on the global energy crisis, security, carbon neutrality and climate change.

In an event that seeks to address the challenges related to the energy user, the Chilean Committee of the International Council of Large Electrical Grids (Cigre Chile) and the Energy Transition Center (CENTRA) of the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences of the Adolfo Ibáñez University, will bring together specialists from the national energy ecosystem in the seminar “The energy user and their needs in a world of transition”, which will take place on September 26 and 27, in face-to-face and streaming format, with free access.

Daniel Olivares, Luis Gutiérrez and Carlos Silva, academics and researchers at the Energy Transition Center (Centra) of the UAI Faculty of Engineering and Sciences, will be some of the program’s speakers.

In various exhibitions and discussion panels, we will analyze how we can make the transition compatible with a satisfied customer motivated to migrate to the electrification of their consumption; and even further, with a user for whom the costs associated with their energy consumption do not become the stumbling block to having a good quality of life.

The meeting program will include debates on the global energy crisis, security, carbon neutrality and climate change, seeking to apply these lessons to the situation in Chile. Likewise, strategies will be analyzed to empower electricity consumers, especially those historically marginalized.

«This seminar will explore topics such as efficiency and competition in the supply of electrical energy from the perspective of consumers, along with the impact of the Energy Efficiency Law and smart meters. Energy storage will also be analyzed as a key to decarbonization and energy security, strategies to promote electrification, among other matters,” said the executive director of Centra UAI, Daniel Olivares.

Those who wish to attend the seminar will have to register at the following link