Among the challenges of living in the city is how quickly we adopt new technologies. Electric cars are a reality, but their implementation is full of challenges for their full massification.

In a new chapter of “Energía Infinita”, actress Leonor Varela presented us with Evsy, an application that has a map with all the charging points for electric vehicles in your city and you can charge and pay from it.

Daniel Olivares, Researcher at the Institute of Complex Engineering Systems (ISCI) says that “Most of our transportation vehicles, without considering public transportation in Santiago, which today has been tremendously electrified, but if we consider private transportation, it is still massively transportation. based on internal combustion vehicles.”

Furthermore, Daniel Olivares adds that “Electrification of course brings benefits in terms of reducing emissions and air quality in cities, however one of the main challenges has to do with how we manage the charging of these electric vehicles that represent a consumption very important electricity, which has the potential to increase household electricity consumption several times and therefore it is necessary to produce that electricity and bring it to homes in greater numbers.”

Pablo Maturana, CEO of Evsy, says that there are currently approximately 5,000 electric cars circulating in Chile and it is estimated that this will have exponential growth in the coming years because Chile has a goal for 2035 for all car sales to be electric. Due to the above, he comments that “the challenge is to get it to the people.”

“We realized that this transition to electromobility was going to be a phenomenon full of uncertainties, regarding availability, connectors, prices, how to pay. So we created a system that informed us the minute what happened with the chargers, we started to provide a service. We created a WhatsApp group where we included all the electric car users in Santiago at that minute and we told them what was happening at each station, we said that experience, let’s take it to an application that helps solve these uncertainties with certainties,” explains Pablo Maturana.


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