Electrical distribution and its regulation: keys to electromobility and distributed generation

Electrical distribution and its regulation: keys to electromobility and distributed generation

“WE CANNOT ADDRESS DISTRIBUTION REFORM WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THAT IT IS A MARKET TRANSFORMATION” Recent studies in Chile show that around 6 GW netbilling-type generation projects, without storage, could be integrated into distribution networks, which is equivalent to 50% of the maximum demand of the National Electric System (SEN). On the other hand, 426,000 new cars were sold in the country last year. If they were…

Centra UAI and Cigre develop first seminar focused on the energy user

The innovative meeting will include debates on the global energy crisis, security, carbon neutrality and climate change. In an event that seeks to address the challenges related to the energy user, the Chilean Committee of the International Council of Large Electrical Grids (Cigre Chile) and the Energy Transition Center (CENTRA) of the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences of the Adolfo Ibáñez University, will bring together specialists from…

Smart City Special

Experts agree that 5G has a great impact on Smart cities, revolutionizing their design and management. This trend offers a wide variety of capabilities, such as ultra-high bandwidth, low latency and speed in data transmission that contribute to cities with these types of characteristics. “5G allows data transmission speeds of up to one hundred times more than 4G in mobile phones, and a latency of…

“It is up to us to take advantage of the opportunities of the energy transition”

The reference of the Center for Energy Transition (Chile), Carlos Silva, opened the streaming, “Vaca Muerta, nexus for Energy Integration” organized by Better Energy. He considered that gas and renewable energy are two priority sources of supply that would complement demand and supply on both sides of the Andes Mountains. “We have systems that have developed quite differently. For example, it is enough to see…

Distributed Generation in Chile for global decarbonization

From the point of view of self-consumption, there is also evidence that the development of electricity supply systems with a high integration of generation and distributed storage can facilitate the electrification of transport and heating, which is crucial to achieve global decarbonization goals. It is difficult to conceive of a perspective from which a distributed energy supply system does not exceed the technical performance of…

Electric mobility could contribute 17% of Chile’s decarbonisation goal by 2050

Although 100% electric models have increased by 275% in three years, experts agree that it is urgent to advance in greater incentives, benefits and an ecosystem that allows the massification of electromobility throughout the national territory. It is estimated that today transport is responsible for 35% of energy consumption in our country. And of this segment, 86% corresponds to land transport. This means that the…

Williams’ task 1 with lithium: accelerate the definition of strategic salt flats

Defining salt flats, ownership structure and recovering lost time are some of the challenges that the Secretary of State will have. While Liontown Resources identifies Argentina, China and Zimbabwe as the countries with the most lithium projects by 2026, Chile seems to be left out. The The responsibility, then, of the new Mining Minister, Aurora Williams, will be to speed up the definitions of the…

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