The challenges for the electrical system in the face of the water crisis

The challenges for the electrical system in the face of the water crisis

Although for now there is no risk of rationing, if necessary, a decree would allow the application of a series of exceptional measures to reduce electricity consumption. Although the electricity supply is still guaranteed, the drought is a reality that must be overcome. For this reason, there is a preventive rationing decree that establishes measures against energy shortages, considering that the contribution of hydroelectric plants…

CENTRA debuts with an Industrial Research Chair through a project with the Chilean Solar Energy Association (ACESOL)

The Center for Energy Transition (CENTRA) of the Adolfo Ibáñez University (UAI) has just created the Industrial Research Chairs, which debuts with an applied research project with the Chilean Solar Energy Association (ACESOL). The initiative aims to generate new knowledge and tools for the efficient integration of energy resources (sources, storage systems and charging stations, for example) distributed in Chile, to promote regulatory or normative…

UC Berkeley expert speaks at the launch of the UAI Center for Energy Transition

On Wednesday, April 6, the launching ceremony of the UAI Center for Energy Transition (CENTRA) was held, an interdisciplinary body – born from the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences UAI (FIC) – whose purpose is to allow society to advance in the transition towards economical, environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and secure energy supply and use systems. At the event, Daniel Kammen, professor at the University…

Electrical microgrids: from the citizen generation to the community generation

Microgrids are groupings of distributed energy generation and storage equipment, such as photovoltaic solar roofs, small solar and wind producers, and batteries, which supply locally and in a coordinated manner to a set of electricity users. They exist in various sizes and configurations, but in all cases they respond to the need to efficiently and safely operate local energy resources, either in isolation or in…

Evaluation of the Distributed Generation Industry as an Engine of Employment and Efficient and Sustainable Economic Development in Chile Post COVID-19

The study aims to explore the potential of distributed generation, providing technical and economic background that allows the Ministry of Energy to evaluate the implementation of a plan to promote the industry of distributed energy resources as a vehicle for job creation and efficient and sustainable energy development. At the same time, establish criteria and methodologies to incorporate the development of distributed energy resources in…

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